How to Fill SBI NEFT/RTGS Money Tranfer Form Offline?

Today, we can send money online with a few clicks online. Due to some reason, many people prefer to send money through the bank branch via the offline method.

You can visit your bank branch and ask them to provide you money transfer form or NEFT/RTGS Form. Once you get the form you will require to fill details every branch will have a different form but, they are almost the same.


You have to fill the above form to transfer money from your bank, every branch has little different NEFT/RTGS Form. but you to fill almost same details in that form. There are two sides to a form you have to fill both sides small side of the form bank will be returned to the applicant by signing it. This is proof that you have sent the money.

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Details you will require to Fill SBI NEFT/RTGS Form

  • Beneficiary Bank Name, Account Holder Name, Account Number, IFSC Code, Branch Name.
  • Applicant’s Details and Cheque.

Simply fill in the details of Beneficiary and Applicant after that you have to fill amount and bank charges. Enter that you want to send to another person. After that you have to enter charges you will find the NEFT/RTGS charge of the bank on the bank’s notice board these charges are based on the amount that you want to transfer.

Now you have completed the form now applicant will require one cheque to send the money. You have to write Yourself for NEFT/RTGS on your cheque. After that simply Submit your Application/Form with a cheque to the Bank’s Counter.

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Bank will proceed with your request and will the money to the beneficiary account this process takes some time it depends on which method you have selected NEFT Or RTGS. NEFT method takes some time and RTGS is takes no time to reflect the money to the beneficiary bank account.

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