How to Write a Debit/Credit Card Unblock Request Application to Bank?

Sometimes our Debit/Credit card gets blocked by Bank Due to a Suspicious Transaction or any other reason. You will get an SMS from the bank that your Debit/Credit Card is blocked Due to this Reason. You can easily re-enable or unblock your Debit Card/Credit Card using Internet Banking.

If you don’t have Internet Banking or your Debit/Credit Card is not getting unblock online. then you have to visit Branch with a Written Unblock Request Application.

Sample of Debit/Credit Card Unblock Request Application

  • The Manager,
  • Name of the Bank,
  • Branch Name,
  • Address.

Subject: Request to Unblock My Debit/Credit Card

Debit/Credit Card No: ****-****-****-****

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am (Enter your Name as Mentioned on your Passbook) maintaining a saving bank account in your bank’s (Enter Branch Name). My savings bank account number is (Enter your Bank Account Number).

I understand the bank had blocked my Debit/Credit Card because of (Enter the Reason). I have now confirmed that there is no suspicious transaction in my bank account. Hence, there is no further thing to worry about.

Therefore, I kindly request that the said Debit/Credit Card be unblocked so that I can start using it again.

Please process my application at the earliest as I have insufficient cash with me now.

Thanking You.

You Faithfully,

Your Signature

  • Date:
  • Place:

Reasons of Debit/Credit Card gets Blocked by the Bank

  • Suspicious Transaction
  • Entering incorrect OTP Many Times
  • Card got Expired
  • Technical Error
  • Card Blocked by User Itself

Above we have mentioned the most common reasons because of that your Debit/Credit Card gets blocked by the bank.

Once you fill the Debit/Credit Card Unblock Application Letter then Go to your Bank Branch and Submit it to the Counter and attach your Passbook copy and ID Card Copy if required.

After that, your bank will proceed with your request and your Card will be unblocked by the bank, Once it gets unblocked you can use it again.